Hi, I’m Sarah May.

At heart, I am a designer - designing a life I love, as a commitment to an ever evolving me!

Currently living in London, I grew up in the Caribbean, with a bright and colourful childhood, exposed to vibrance and nature at its best. I have creative flair in my blood from the exposure to the vibe of Carnival, island life and my mother's talent as a batik artist.

Graduating with an MA in Goldsmithing from the RCA London, I built Sarah May Jewellery, crafting exquisite and unique pieces, using simple dome-like shapes expressing my love for seeds and pods, and exploring movement in jewellery.

My next endeavour was launching a stunning and award winning jewellery store designed by my best friend and fellow Trinidadian Zoe Defert. The shop created space for the most talented jewellers on the market and its epic rise and fall is a part of my story forever.

The truth is, its easy to get overwhelmed and imbalanced. You know that too. In recent years that's been me. I had to close the gorgeous Richmond store in 2015. Torn from my young kids, friends and family, retail was tough and confusing. Even in the fulfilment of a dream, I was pulled away from the heart of my business, spending more time running the operation and very little on myself and creativity.

Instead I've chosen to come back to my jewellery. To reignite my innate passion. I've chosen focus. To focus on the creativity that brings freshness to every day and delight to my clients. And to focus on my family, as a mother to two energetic boys (born 2009 and 2014) and wife to Simon.

As a personal jeweller, I'm opting to design and shape high-end jewellery, both with original commissions, and by offering a distinct range of bespoke options: meeting the needs of busy men who want creative input into their choice of jewellery for their partner, but with a simple process and a guide along the way.

If this is you, please explore more photos of my lush collection.