Is this you?

You feel under pressure to get this right. You've been wanting to propose or buy a special celebration ring for an occasion. Wow, you're really confused as what's the best way to move forward. And the hardest bit is there is so much choice.

What others don't realise is you made the decision to find something unique and beautiful and symbolic. And to you, it’s not just a ring. You’ve already put time and effort into this, and hit a wall. You’ve been wishing there was someone who really understands what you are looking for. You've been looking online or sneaking a peek to see what jewellery she really likes and wears. Maybe you've even asked a friend to help you. It’s just part of you caring enough about her to find the perfect ring.

What's often missing, if you’re honest, is a sense of connection to the person making the ring, and to the beautiful object itself. And a wise guide and sleek range, simplifying both the choice and the process. I create handcrafted rings with vibrant juicy colours, full of life and love. Each one within the evolving range has the scope to be uniquely personalised for you and and your partner. It’s as simple as that.

Contact me here to be first in line for my new collection, due September 2017. In the meantime, enjoy my previous range of engagement rings as well as my Juicy Jewels.